Over the last few years I have hosted a number of events.  Just a few of the class pictures feature in the gallery below.  You can read about the individual workshops in the blog page.  We have enjoyed some really interesting and fun things and have some more exciting activities for 2015.

The workshops have focussed mainly around complementary therapies for animals and horse clinics.  Developing a closer bond with our pets has been a popular theme so we have had several amazing animal communication workshops.  We have also had a herbal forage day where attendees learnt all about selecting herbs and plants from the hedgerow and making natural products that could be used four themselves or their pets.  There have been play days for people to come and practice their ground handling skills and riding with a variety of obstacles, natural horsemanship demo’s and talks. Positive reinforcement training and the wonderful Alaskan Essences three day “Helping Animals Heal” workshop.

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Take a look at this beautiful video clip which features two of my horses at the time.  This was taken during the ACT 1 and Trust Technique clinics with James French.


For 2015 so far we are excited to have Hannah Weston back in May for some more clicker training for horses.

Craniosacral Therapy is featuring a lot this summer with an introduction day with Jean Whitebread and later in the year some three day beginners and advanced student workshops facilitated by Craniosacral instructor Mike Harrison.

It is my intention to also begin to include into the timetable of events some other interests possibly arts and craft, nutrition, yoga, Tai Chi so if anyone has any ideas or may be interested in teaching a workshop here please do get in touch. I will also be doing some flower essence intro days myself.