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A Wonderful Teacher

I attended Jane’s introduction to Flower Essences Course.  Jane is a wonderful teacher.  I would highly recommend her your learning experiences! –Sharon Stewart


Fuelled my Desire to Learn More

I attended a really informative workshop on Bach flower and Alaskan essences. Jane is a calm and supportive teacher who has strengthened my desire to learn more. – Paula Maggie


A Font of Knowledge

Jane is so knowledgable about natural answers!

She has a beautiful farm and therapy room, with many happy animals around her home. She is a font of knowledge on essences and healing for humans and animals, as well as hosting many wonderful events at her farm, being a a real benefit to the local area.

I’m so pleased to have found Jane and her lovely farm, she is an inspiration, and I’d highly recommend her services for both humans and animals. – Sophie Fryer

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