Equine Touch

    The Equine Touch is a soft tissue address that is holistic in its application.  It is a non diagnostic and non invasive equine body work system that stimulates the body to find a healthy equilibrium. It effects mostly the soft tissue, muscles, tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, connective tissue … Continue reading

Willow Weaving Workshop by Martin Keeley

  Willow Weaving Workshop – Creating a Willow Pheasant Autumn 2016 I held my first workshop with our host Martin Keeley of Rutland Willows.  Martin and his wife Louise run RutlandWillows which was originally founded by Louise’s farther John Shone.  Apart from Willow animals and sculptures they also do Dry … Continue reading

Craniosacral Workshop

  Sunday 10th July we spent a very enjoyable day with Jean Whitebread from Equine Reconnect.  The class was well attended and the content as an introduction to Craniosacral Therapy was very informative and fun.  There was a good mix of classroom based discussion and interactive demonstrations for participants to … Continue reading