Do Animals Take on our Emotions and Stresses and How Can Essences Help Them


Animals that share our lives are often in environments far removed from their wild cousins. Those that share our homes like dogs and cats live closely with us and the dynamics in a family can have an impact on them.  Animals live in the emotional realm and are very good at absorbing and reflecting emotional energy from people around them. If there is a lot of stress and friction, grief or sadness, they can take on more emotional energy than they able to process.  Physical symptoms may then manifest just as it can in a human that is experiencing prolonged stress or trauma of some kind.  Just like if we get an upset stomach from nerves or anxiety, stiff sore shoulders from holding tension etc so our pets can experience things like this too, from minor niggles to chronic debilitating illness. We should try not to hold any guilt over this as the realisation that we may be contributing to our pets problems can be something we have never considered.  If we begin to see behaviour changes in our pets or physical symptoms of illness manifesting we could ask ourselves if things have been bad at work, school or at home and we are upset, sad, angry, anxious etc especially if it’s been for a long period and perhaps we ourselves are experiencing ill health as a result. The same could happen if you take your emotions after a bad day to your horse expecting a relaxed ride to help you unwind. If you are tense and upset it’s highly likely the horse will be too!  The good news is there are lots of essences that can help our animal friends and help ourselves in the process too.


Many animals that are in or have been through rescue centres, abandoned, traumatised, lost or have been lacking in emotional care and nurturing or deprived of basic necessities such as food or water are likely to have accumulated mental and emotional stresses and scars.  They may not be visible scars but none the less can severely affect the animals behaviour and cause disease.

There are also animals doing a great service like those involved in Equine Assisted Therapy Centres.  They are helping people from all walks of life and even having great success helping war veterans many whom are carrying very deep traumas from the horrors of war.  There are many dogs in service too.  If we can give healing to these animals and choose essences for them or let them choose their own then we can give something back to them so they don’t end up carrying heavy emotional burdens that will affect their wellbeing.

nat_ans_06Useful Essences

In any emergency or stressful situation one of the most well known essences is the Bach Flower Original Rescue Remedy Formula.

A less known Combination Essence that I have used a lot is Animal Freedom by the Blosem Remedies of the Netherlands. This essences Is perfect for releasing the animal from the problems and sufferings it may have taken on from humans and in rescue and abuse cases it can help release the sufferings actually inflicted by humans whether conciously or unconsciously.

Some favourites I turn to a lot are from the Alaskan Essence range.  Animal Care which consists of a mixture of  Alaskan flower and gem essences can be a great first bottle to reach for and was originally created to assist in animal rescue work.  It can be given to any animal in need.   Soul Support can also be used in any emergency situation and helps bring balance, stability and strength to animals that have been involved in stressful or traumatic circumstances.  Both are available in a spray too which can be really helpful to spray in the house, pets sleeping areas, stables etc and have the bonus of affecting the people in the vicinity of the spray too.  Therefore if you suspect your pet is taking on your emotions and stress the sprays can help lift the mood and atmosphere.  The Alaskan Essences Animal Kit contains a great selection of combination and one individual essence that have been found to be really useful for helping animals.AnimaLoversKitSm_large

Without delving too deeply into individual essences there are lots of wonderful combinations available from across many ranges from around the world that can be a great introduction and first course of action that can make a lot of difference to an animal and empower people to give this great healing modality a try.




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