SQUARE_BFVEA_Logo_BLUE.jpg.opt370x370o0,0s370x370My areas of qualification and additional study comprise of the following modalities.


I am a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and BFAP ( Animal Practitioner) and an advanced practitioner registered with the BFVEA I have also studied many other ranges of essences from around the world over a 15 year period and currently stock full ranges from Alaskan Essences, the Australian Bush, Wild Earth Animal, Indigo, The Pacific Essences, Spirit in Nature and a selection form other ranges to include the Bloesem Remedies of the Netherlands, Orchid Essences and CIFA Flower Essences for Horses range all to use in practice and a few selected combination formulas and space sprays for sale.


Essences can help with just a few of the following.

  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Mind body spirit balance
  • Trauma release
  • Catalysts for growth and change
  • Support through difficult times
  • Help with anxiety and behaviour issues
  • Space clearing of homes, stables, kennels and other living areas
  • Supporting healing and complementing other forms of treatment or veterinary care

Essences are safe and gentle for people and animals.


Although Animals are my primary focus us horsey folk often neglect our own needs in pursuit of providing the very best care for our horses and pets and there are times when we could do with a bit of pampering and TLC ourselves. I am also qualified in the following:


  • Indian Head Massage                                     IMG_3477
  • Aromatic Swedish Massage
  • Aromatic Foot Massage
  • Sports Massage Techniques




Consultations can take place in my comfortable room in one of our barns. I can do distance readings and healing from a photograph of your pet also.



Independent Consultant logo

NYR Organics Independent Consultant

I am also a registered Independent Consultant of NYR Organics and use a range of their wonderful ethically produced organic skin care products, massage oils and essential oils within my practice.  I also stock skin care products for sale and am able to advise on arranging a party if you would like to host one for your friends and family in your own home or advise on joining NYR Organics as a consultant yourself if you would consider joining my team,

My online shop exclusively for NYR Organics can be found at the following link.





REIKI PRACTITIONER – MASTER  –  Registered with the Rose Association of Animal and Human Therapies (RAAHT)

Reiki and other energy healing techniques utilising sound, crystals, visualisation, colour.


Additional study and CPD has included attendance of the following workshops ( Not certificated qualifications )

  • April Battles Holistic Horse Works Levels one and two
  • Madeleine Walkers Animal Communication and Healing Techniques
  • ACT 1 and Introduction to the The Trust Technique with James French
  • Intelligent Horsemanship five day foundation course, Feeding and Nutrition, Foal Handling, The Horse as an Athlete workshops
  • Further home study of other horsemanship programmes
  • Working within a veterinary practice for 9 years

Whilst the above are not qualifications they have each enhanced my knowledge and skill base and show a commitment to CPD.  I may integrate some of this knowledge when considering the issues presented by individual cases to offer a holistic approach.





  • I am a holder of the BHS Grooms Certificate.
  • I am an Equine Touch Practitioner.  See separate page for full information.


LOGO_Practitioner Curved JPGA gentle bodywork technique that addresses the whole horse, to help relieve tension, stress and stimulate the body’s own recovery process.  Equine Touch is a technique that addresses the whole horse using a series of vibrational choreographed moves.  Soft tissue, connective tissue – muscles and tendons, joint capsules and ligaments all addressed.

Every horse can benefit from Equine Touch; young or old, working and resting.  Its particularly useful for sore and tight muscles, injury and rehabilitation, lameness and other pain related issues.

A Body Balance can help the body’s own innate healing process to re balance mentally, emotionally and physically.


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I am the East Anglian Representative for Advanced Photonic Therapy ( Red Light Therapy ).

Photonic therapy is an advanced form of traditional complementary medicine using light to stimulate recognised acupuncture points. No needles are used. Advanced Photonic Therapy involves safe, low frequency red light (not laser) which supports the healing of conditions and injuries in animals.

Advanced Photonic Therapy draws together scientific principles from the disciplines of mathematics, physics, biochemistry and bioenergetics. It is easy to appreciate how photonic therapy promotes healing in animals by reviewing the basic understanding of how SKIN, ACUPUNCTURE and LIGHT works.

There will be a separate page about this therapy.

Yard visits may also be possible within a 10 mile radius.

Please visit the contact page for enquiries or e mail jane@naturalanswer.co.uk