Using Essences Alongside Other Healing Modalities

If I am asked to visit an animal, usually a horse to do some form of healing that I have qualification in I do really like with the owners permission to make up an essence especially for that animal to take with me.  I normally ask for some information about the animal, let’s say horse, beforehand  and if possible a photo.  I then sit quietly with the picture and try to connect with the horse and will dowse to see what essences come up.  Sometimes if I don’t feel I really have a strong connection before actually meeting the horse and owner in person I’ll take a spray with what I feel would be a helpful starting point.

If I am going to do some Equine Touch Which is a modality that works gently over meridians, fascia, muscles and ligaments and promotes calmness and balance and encourages the body to begin its own healing process and find its best balance then essences to support that process are going to help.  Many times I myself have found that you can be having all sorts of physical treatments for your horse, self, dog etc like Chiropractic, Physio therapy etc and the results are short lasting.  This can be due to many things.  Postural habit, cellular memory, trauma and tension held in the body, dietary concerns, underlying health conditions causing a compensatory posture, poor hoof balance in horses,  environmental influences, herd and people dynamics etc.


In the U.K. Only a vet is allowed to diagnose.  Often a client may have a diagnosis or two or three and will give me a detailed history. The information can be useful to build up a picture of what is going on, but none of the modalities I am trained in allow me to claim I am treating or cure a physical condition.  They can support the animal emotionally and promote healing by encouraging the release of held patterns and tensions, traumas and address imbalances allowing the body’s inate healing ability to try to come into balance and harmony as its original blueprint.

I would often choose initially gem and environmental essences mostly from the Alaskan Essence range as Alaska represents a very pristine, energetically intact environment and the essences carry that vibration. Gem essences from the mineral kingdom bring gifts of structure and stability and environmental Essences cleanse, purify and also bring energy to the healing process that may be catalysed by flower essences or the release through some body work.

Where there has been physical issues I might try Alaskan Research Essence Green Tourmaline/Smokey Quartz. This is for anxious individuals, holding tension in the body, especially after shock or upset. I enjoy using the Pacific Essences especially the Sea Essences and have found many times in body work that Sea Horse has been helpful.


Where there has been chronic illness I might try Carnelian for burn out and fatigue, Portage Glacier for cleansing vibrant energy, purifying and energising Brazillian Quartz, Bloodstone where energetic stagnation has occurred or Flourite where stagnation has manifested as rigidity and inflexibility, Purification combination essence, Black Tourmaline and possibly Silver where I think some toxicity has added to the problem. Pacific sea essence Green Kelp can be good where there has been an imbalance in the digestive system of the horse as it has properties of soothing, cooling, cleansing and calming.

Essences are great to use alongside Reiki or other energy healing work as many have healing properties relating to the Chakras, Meridians and Nadirs and the subtle bodies.  They can be added to creams or oils and I mix a selection in a spray bottle which I call Release Spray that I will smooth on my hands or spray around the horse if he is happy with that before I do any Equine Touch or Energy Work.  I do always look at each case individually and take into account the many factors that can be contributing to that animals particular problem or disease.  The Flower essences can act as catalysts for growth and release of anything no longer serving and the gem and environmental essences can help give the energy and energetic structure for the healing process.  Many times then the more physical treatments will have lasting benefit.

Gem photo curtesy of Steve Johnson, Alaskan Essences.

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