Upcoming Events for 2015 – Clicker Training with Hannah Weston

This spring starts off with me Welcoming back Hannah Weston of Connection Training for a weekend workshop on 2nd and 3rd May for clicker training for horses.  Whether you are new to clicker and want to come along as an Auditor to see what its all about or if you already use a bridge and reward based system within your training and would like to bring your horse along we would love to see you.


We still have one or two horse places available one or both days. Price per horse place is £85 per day.

Auditor Places £45 per day ( plenty of spaces available )

Take a look at the Positive Reinforcement Blog from the event last year with Hannah an Shawna Karrasch.  There is a video clip there plus gallery of pictures and a link to the Connection Training site so you can see what its all about and what people enjoyed at that event.

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