Essences to Help with Transporting Horses and Box Rest

Horses by their by nature are Claustrophobic and herd animals so having to be confined to a stable for long periods perhaps under vets recommendation for a medical condition and travelling in trailers and lorries can cause problems for many horses.  It’s amazing that so many do adapt and tolerate these things so readily.  It’s a testament to horses adaptability that they do and most if introduced thoughtfully and carefully with positive training methods will accept transport and periods of confinement.

There are of course many practical things you can do to help a horse accept these situation by careful introductions to transport vehicles, desensitisation and care not to over face them. A travel companion or mirror can be helpful and a slow careful driver to take the horse somewhere that it will find enjoyable and not totally stressful so the association with travel is not unpleasant.  For the prolonged stabling you can try mirrors, enrichment toys like food balls, slow feeders, ad lib hay etc.

Some essences I have found very helpful for for horses in these situations are those for emotions of fear. the Australian Bush Essences Dog Rose, Bach Flower Essence Mimulus and Aspen for known fears and vague fears or anxiety.  You could of course use Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, Alaskan Soul Support, Alaskan Guardian Combination, Wild Earth Animal Essence Protection Combination and No Fear from the Indigo range.  These could be given in water or on a treat such as piece of apple or used as a spray to spray the space.

Mimulus - Bach Flower Essence Fear of Known Things

Mimulus – Bach Flower Essence Fear of Known Things

Dog Rose From the Australian Bush Essence Range for Fear








From the Alaskan Essences I like very much using the single flower essence White Violet.  Indications for this essence are for those uncomfortable in closed spaces and constrained environments.  I like from the Indigo Essence Crystal Series “Bubble”.  Horses have a big personal space so their energy field can feel very constrained in tight places or busy excitable environments and Bubble which is a mixture of gem’s Apophyllite and Peach Stillbite will help them feel like they have a bubble around them and feel safe.  I’ve found this very useful at horse shows when I used to take my then youngster Wraheem out.

Aspen, the Bach Flower Essence for Vague Unknown Fears and Anxiety

Aspen, the Bach Flower Essence for Vague Unknown Fears and Anxiety

I would also look at essences to help with grounding as travelling a horse in itself is ungrounding and if the destination is a busy and crowded environment such as a horse show a horse could feel very ungrounded and reactive.  Alaska Violet for grounding, Guardian Spray would be good for this as promotes the energies of calm, stability and security. Gem essence Malachite is very grounding  and Jadeite Jade is lovely for those agitated, upset and easily pulled of centre,  Green Garnet for being ungrounded, disconnected from Earth, disorientated which can be the case after loading on a trailer and coming off at the other end to find you are somewhere else!, easily overwhelmed and scattered.


Malachite Photo curtesy Alaskan Essences

For horses confined to stables perhaps recovering form an injury I would want to pick individual essences to support the healing process, but also some more general sprays or essences in water to help with the confinement as a depressed horse or overly stressed horse is not going to have the best healing outcome.  For this I might use Bach Flower Impatiens, Alaskan Environmental Essence Polar Ice, Angelic Canopy Orchid Essence or Alaskan Soul Support.





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