Equine Touch


Equine Touch

Jane and Ryaaz


The Equine Touch is a soft tissue address that is holistic in its application.  It is a non diagnostic and non invasive equine body work system that stimulates the body to find a healthy equilibrium. It effects mostly the soft tissue, muscles, tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, connective tissue and skin using a light and very specific move over various areas of the body.

An Equine Touch session will often bring about a very deep degree of relaxation and release for horses. During a consultation it is most usual to take a detailed history of any conditions or concerns an owner has about a horse.  Observation of posture and movement and considering areas of influence such as the horses diet, tack, hoof balance, shoes, saddle fit, nature of work, age, whether there have been any trauma’s,  current mental and emotional state.  A session will start with branding where I gently move around the horses body feeling for heat or cold, tension, lumps, bumps and reactions, moving over some key energy meridians.  This will in itself often case some degree of relaxation as my hands are run over the bladder meridian.  By doing the branding i can see if the horse is happy for me to go into all areas and am making mental notes of any reactions by the horse.  I would then carry out a Basic Body Balance which is a holistic address to help the horse find deep relaxation and inner balance.  From there it is possible to add in further sequences of moves for areas of concern.

I am working on my own horse here.  This is Ryaaz a 12 year old Arab gelding with a past history of liver damage, poor posture and scar iliac injury.  He has been well from those issues now for some time, but attended a 9 mile pleasure ride the day before and was a little sore over his lumber region.  You can see in the video clips below how he shows relaxation and processing by lowering his head, softening his eye and blinking. Often horses may yawn, lick and chew and twitch as they drop into a deep trance like healing state.



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