Flower Essence Awareness Week

From 18th to 25th June it is Flower Essence Awareness Week. I will be posting some short articles about some of my own experiences with using essences for animals and also talking about a few key essences from different ranges that I have found very useful. I will also talk … Continue reading

Wet Eczema in Dogs

My Golden Retriever Kai recently developed a patch of wet eczema behind his ear.  He’s quite prone to this especially if he goes in water.  This time though he hadn’t been near water other than rolling on wet grass.  He hadn’t really been scratching more than normal, but sometimes he … Continue reading

Aloe Vera the Healing Plant

The Aloe Vera plant has been known for its healing properties throughout history.  Of the some 350 varieties true aloe or Aloe Barbadensis Miller is medically the most powerful.  Known by some as “The Healing Plant”, “Medicine Plant”, “Silent Healer” and “Burn Plant”, Aloe is known to work on two … Continue reading